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In November 2014, I picked up a few acrylic paints and some canvas. They were very low quality, but I was hooked. Again, I didn't take any classes (which I'm sure is evident) and my goal is not to paint "pretty" pictures. The beauty is in the creation.

One thing I am not is a photographer, so these cell phone pictures may not be the greatest. Any IRL friends who ever come over and like anything, I'll probably just hand it over, so if, on the offchance, you don't think I'm horrible at this and also know me offline - you may be in luck.

This is a bad cellphone picture of a teeny tiny draft of a painting I'll probably entitle "Bluebird" unless someone thinks of anything better. (Sept 2017)
"The Holiness of Breakfast" - Totally admit I'm kind of obsessed with this one. I also probably shouldn't put it up because copyright, but HEY! Living on the edge.

Yes, there is an apostrophe and a period there, but they were cropped out. My handwriting isn't the best. (Sept 2017)
"How You Look to Me" - Very loosely based on a short story that I believe was called "I Tried to Descibe You to Someone". The sunlight made the colors look wonky, but it had the added benefit of showcasing the various shades of black I decided to mix up, because I'm weird enough to want to paint with a bunch of different shades of black.
(Sept 2017)
"Before and after" on my office door.
Painting I made for my friend Eileen of Brave Spirit Arts.
Aplomb. (Sept 2015)
My friend Jazmin took this one home with her. By the time I painted this, I had a huge backstock of small paintings that I didn't know what to do with, so I brought them to work and let people take what they wanted. February 2015.
This was a birthday present to my friend Nicole. My partner Marie sketched out the face, and I took it from there. March 2015.
This was another birthday present (different friend) and inside joke based on the WWE wrestler known as Gold Dust. I say that he looks like a bee. I refer to him as "The Bee". March 2015.
I really started getting into clouds here... I still enjoy painting them, actually! January 2015
My partner gave me a key she found at Oldies Marketplace in Newburyport before we started dating. I put it on a chain and wore it as a necklace for a long time. I decided to paint it and give it to her as a gift. It was the first non-landscape I'd done. December 2014.
My first sunset painting. I was quite proud of it! It's a really small painting; to put it in perspective, the key painting above is the same size. I My grandparents have this one now. December 2014.

One of my first paintings. I gave it to my former neighbor as a Christmas gift. I'd lived in some shady places here in MA over the last 10 years, but the house we shared in Tewksbury was awesome. It was a great living situation, and I unfortunately had to move on due to financial hardship. We used to bake and knit each other things, so I thought I'd paint her something, too. November 2014.

ETA: I moved back in June 2016. Couldn't stay away!!

This is the first of maybe 5 paintings with just quotes. This one is a poem or very short story or something otherwise amazing by Brian Andreas. August 2015


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