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In November 2014, I picked up a few acrylic paints and some canvas. They were very low quality, but I was hooked. Again, I didn't take any classes (which I'm sure is evident) and my goal is not to paint "pretty" pictures. The beauty is in the creation.

One thing I am not is a photographer, so these cell phone pictures may not be the greatest. Having said that, I have a few more posted online on my Instagram page, if you just can't get enough.

"Before and after" on my office door.
Painting I made for my friend Eileen of Brave Spirit Arts.
Aplomb. (Sept 2015)
My friend Jazmin took this one home with her. By the time I painted this, I had a huge backstock of small paintings that I didn't know what to do with, so I brought them to work and let people take what they wanted. February 2015.
This was a birthday present to my friend Nicole. My partner Marie sketched out the face, and I took it from there. March 2015.
This was another birthday present (different friend) and inside joke based on the WWE wrestler known as Gold Dust. I say that he looks like a bee. I refer to him as "The Bee". March 2015.
I really started getting into clouds here... I still enjoy painting them, actually! January 2015
My partner gave me a key she found at Oldies Marketplace in Newburyport before we started dating. I put it on a chain and wore it as a necklace for a long time. I decided to paint it and give it to her as a gift. It was the first non-landscape I'd done. December 2014.
My first sunset painting. I was quite proud of it! It's a really small painting; to put it in perspective, the key painting above is the same size. I My grandparents have this one now. December 2014.

One of my first paintings. I gave it to my former neighbor as a Christmas gift. I'd lived in some shady places here in MA over the last 10 years, but the house we shared in Tewksbury was awesome. It was a great living situation, and I unfortunately had to move on due to financial hardship. We used to bake and knit each other things, so I thought I'd paint her something, too. November 2014.

ETA: I moved back in June 2016. Couldn't stay away!!

This is the first of maybe 5 paintings with just quotes. This one is a poem or very short story or something otherwise amazing by Brian Andreas. August 2015


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