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Some time in 2011, I decided that I wanted to take up a hobby that would produce a tangible result. My first choice was cross-stitching, because I thought that making something pretty that was also unexpectedly inappropriate would be a lot of fun. Things like, "Go Away" instead of "Welcome to Our Home". When my mother got wind of this, she told me that she would buy me cross-stitch paraphanelia for Christmas, so I never bothered to buy my own materials. It was still mid-Autumn, and I so desperately wanted to pick up a hobby, I figured I'd take up knitting to pass the time.

The problem was that I didn't know the first thing about knitting, and, wouldn't you know, I couldn't find a single person locally who knew how to knit. I like to dive right in, sometimes, so I decided to just buy a couple of sets of needles and some cheap yarn, and then figure out the rest later. It took several weeks of trial and error (and YouTube -- thank goodness for that!) before I finally got the hang of it, and knitting has been kind of an obsession ever since. I still haven't tackled anything terribly challenging, yet, because a lot of "beginner" level patterns are still enough of a challenge, but I'm definitely glad that I took knitting up as a hobby. My right hand has never been so useful in my entire life!

Knitting was also something that I allowed myself to be bad at. Rather than scrap the idea when I wasn't instantly producing gorgeous afghans in a weekend's time, I gave myself plenty of time to learn the skill and practice it, with the idea that "the first step to being really good at something is to suck at it first". I had a lot of projects that I scrapped. I still scrap projects pretty often. But when I do finish something, it's a great accomplishment for me. And who doesn't like a nice scarf in the middle of winter?

Old Shale pattern, alpaca. Dec 2015
Basketweave stitch scarf. Dec 2015.
A fleece scarf I knitted for my sister. I'm almost certain she threw it away. ;)
I really enjoyed knitting this seafoam scarf. It was a fun pattern! I gave this away as a gift, as well.
This blanket went to my friend Eileen's son, back before he was even born. He's three now. Yikes!


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